The Baby Box Company

Disclosure: I partnered with The Baby Box Co. for this post but all opinions are entirely my own.

Have you heard of the Baby Box? It’s directly inspiredly the Finnish experience with baby boxes. The main idea I got from it was promoting and educating about safe sleep for families. I know as a first time mama that was a huge concern for me and the Baby Box Company just launched their program here in sunny California?!

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Be In Two Places At Once?

When Cataleya was first born we bought and returned so many baby monitors, but none worked for us. Even though we constantly found ourselves needing one, we still got stuck eventually not having one ?. A few issues we had with other monitors was the connectivity, clarity both day, especially the night vision, and poor audio.

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Cloth Wipes More Convenient For Us?

To be honest I’ve had this bottle just sitting in our nursery, probably for about a month before I decided to use it. There are DIY recipes you can find on Pinterest, but I just wanted something easy. I was interested in trying out cloth wipes, because I kept accidentally washing the disposable wipes.

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Resetting Our Cloth Diapers

Well our cloth diapers have officially started to stink! Even after washing and laying them out in the sun. I have a pretty sensitive nose and the scent wouldn’t go away. Back in May I joined the Fluff Love & CD Science Facebook Group and let me tell you their My Diapers Stink! article was on point.

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Brushing Those Baby Teeth

Once Cataleya’s two bottom teeth came in, I questioned how the heck do you protect those precious teeth and oh I have to find a dentist also. Well,… when do babies see a dentist? I asked our dentist at Dori Dental Arts. First of all I didn’t realize you take them to a “pediatric” dentist I thought all dentists were all inclusive. Dr. Dori is totally cool and recommended us to one, which we still have to make that appointment.

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