Brushing Those Baby Teeth

Once Cataleya’s two bottom teeth came in, I questioned how the heck do you protect those precious teeth and oh I have to find a dentist also. Well,… when do babies see a dentist? I asked our dentist at Dori Dental Arts. First of all I didn’t realize you take them to a “pediatric” dentist I thought all dentists were all inclusive. Dr. Dori is totally cool and recommended us to one, which we still have to make that appointment.

Baby Banana Brush

I never wiped her gums or mouth, I felt I didn’t need to, but when those teeth came I wanted to start some type of a good habit. However, I wasn’t too much in a hurry because she still breastfeeds quite often and minimally gets solids in her mouth.


Through my search I came across the Baby Banana BrushThey come in a pink or yellow color, I was very tempted in getting the pink, but I didn’t want her to think bananas were that color, so I opted for the yellow. Is that weird to think that? Anyways it caught my eye because on the design it’s simple and clean, plus it’s made here in the USA!


The toothbrush is made out of silicone so super soft, but it’s also bendable. When I was giving it a quick clean, I instantly liked that there wasn’t any weird crevasses I had to get into, then I popped it into our sterilizer.


Cataleya instantly grabbed it and over course had no problem putting it into her mouth, what baby doesn’t right? She obviously doesn’t understand it’s a “toothbrush”, but at least its practice.

I really like how it’s scaled down to her, the banana peels are perfect little handles and small enough for her hands. I can even loop one of her binki/teether straps and clip onto her cloths so it doesn’t fall to the ground. The top has small bristles that can rub against her two little teeth (for now), gums or even her tongue.

365 Organic Coconut Oil

In the morning and at night as a family we brush our teeth together so she can get a sense of routine. I simply put some organic coconut oil onto the bristle part and give it to her while we brush our teeth. She always sees us and I know she will learn.


How do you introduce good brushing habits?

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