Hi!!! My name is Rai Zapata, I’m a former Colorado native now living in sunny California. My husband Jezriel and I moved up to Los Angeles a few months after our wedding in 2012 from San Diego.

Photo By: True Photography

I studied interior design in San Diego and worked for companies within the retail and broadcast industry. I love design so much I even went back for my Masters in Architecture. While working full time and attending school part-time was when we found out I was expecting. Morning sickness and exhaustion got the best of me and decided to put school aside.


After Cataleya was born a few surprises spiced up our lives and led me to become a work at home mommy. I obviously have to keep myself busy, so I do contract design work and with motivation from a close friend (HautePinkPretty) started this blog. It’s a diary and a way for me to connect with local and virtual moms while on the journey of motherhood.

Photo By: Lauren Guilford

Our family has recently relocated to Arizona and exploring our new state.