Cataleya’s Big Day: A Heartwarming Look at Her First Holy Communion + Confirmation

Our family has eagerly awaited this moment since we baptized Cataleya in Santa Monica, CA, when she was just about 12 weeks old. The anticipation and excitement have been building ever since.

This month, we were overjoyed to celebrate Cataleya’s special day with our loved ones. Planning her communion outfit was a labor of love. We wanted a unique dress that honored her rich heritage—Spanish, Mexican, and Filipino. Seeing her in that dress, a vision brought to life, was a moment we will cherish forever. From the stunning angel shoes to the cross pendant her dad bought to remind her of her faith, every detail was infused with love and meaning. When Jezriel traveled to the Philippines, he brought back traditional Barong Tagalogs for the men and boys to wear, adding a special touch to the celebration.

The weather was perfect as we gathered for an intimate pool party. The grandpa’s fired up the grill with their specialty dishes, it smelled so good! Jezriel, helped with the decorations (always at Cataleya’s request), and her Ninang (Godmother) prepared all the drinks and help layout the most beautiful tablescape.

The day was a beautiful and emotional blessing for our family. It was a reminder of the strength of our Catholic faith, the importance of our traditions, and the love that binds us together. Cataleya’s special day was a celebration of not just her communion, but of our family’s journey and the beautiful memories we continue to create together.

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