Resetting Our Cloth Diapers

Well our cloth diapers have officially started to stink! Even after washing and laying them out in the sun. I have a pretty sensitive nose and the scent wouldn’t go away. Back in May I joined the Fluff Love & CD Science Facebook Group and let me tell you their My Diapers Stink! article was on point.


First off, I completely had a jacked up washing routine with our Non-HE Machine and didn’t know I needed to pay attention to hard water. I wish I would of read this great reference How To Wash Cloth Diapers first.

Resetting Our Cloth Diapers

All in all, from what I read I needed to reset my diapers by stripping and sanitizing them. It was an all day process so I had Cataleya in her Bambo Nature diapers.

Resetting Our Cloth Diapers

GroVia was kind enough to send me over there Mighty Bubbles to try out. I used it to remove that hard water build up during the stripping process. With the extra pods I’ll probably just use them occasionally in my loads for an extra boost in both the diapers and our laundry.

Resetting Our Cloth Diapers
Little Owl Cloth Diapers

Now I shouldn’t have to do this process again from what I read, so hopefully I get this routine down. However, I am using a liquid detergent, Seventh Generation specifically. I did read powder is better especially for hard water, but I prefer liquid so it’ll be a trial and error.

What was your first mistake with cloth diapers?

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