ez-pz Mats For The Win!

We’ve instinctively always used our tray that came with our highchair  at home. As well as our travel highchair when we eat out. We use the tray a lot because Cataleya explores her food on it.


However, when we all eat at the table and her chair is always budging out because of the tray. Jezriel and I naturally end up angling our chairs towards her, so she feels included.

I somehow stumbled across the ezpz mats. It was their ‘ditch the tray’ campaign that intrigued me. We practice baby-led weaning with Cataleya, so anything that allows babies to self feed, I’m all for it. Let me tell you our chihuahua’s love her 😂!



We chose the travel mini mat because I wanted something that was tiny and easy to bring around. We do have a tray that we bought separately with our travel highchair, but when it’s dirty we end up forgetting to grab it from the sink or what not. This way its nice we can switch out or basically have an extra one on hand.


We’ve been using it for about a month and I really like that she’s so much closer to the table. We simply removed the tray from her highchair, scooted her up to the table, and placed the mat right in front of her. It really makes a world of a difference, at the table. Something so simple I never realized!

I just toss the mat on the table and the suction is pretty secure. However, I did have one mom point out her toddler out smarted the suction. Cataleya hasn’t caught on yet she’s too distracted with her food or giving it to the doggies 🙈.


The mini mats come in four colors and I picked out the coral color for an extra pop of color. I really like the three sections, (2) 2oz and (1) 4oz to help separate food. I know Cataleya will mix it all up, but I can’t help that I like my food to look pretty. I have to admit I like to present it to her that way too ☺.

When she’s all done with her masterpiece, its super easy to clean! No weird hard to reach crevices, because it one silicone piece. You can even pop it into the dishwasher, I personally just wash in the sink, and let it air dry.

Also the mat comes packaged with a reusable bag! Score, because I can easily just pop it into my bag or even our travel highchair pouch.


If your thinking of getting one I have a Referral Code for you to get 10% OFF! I’m eyeing the bowl mat. Valid only till July 26, 2016.

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7 thoughts on “ez-pz Mats For The Win!

  1. This mat seems perfect for meal time and awesome for on the go feeding. My son is into feeding himself now, so the compartments would really help him gain better control of th food to pick it up. He is 8 months and has started to boycott being spoin fed 😏. Looks like one of these mats is in store for our family.

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