No bottle just a Doidy please

Cataleya is exclusively breastfed, so that means me being near to nurse her on demand. Now we purposely waited to introduce the bottle till she was about 5 months and honestly if I could avoid it, I would. However, there were times I needed to be away for a couple hours, and thats when we realized the challenge. She wouldn’t take a bottle for the life of us and a part of me felt a tiny bit guilty not introducing the bottle sooner.

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“Right of Passage”

As most of you know our family has co-slept since Cataleya was just a few hours old. Although she takes up a big portion of our bed, we still continue since it’s so much easier for many reasons. I feel like when she started sitting up thats when she started to move around a lot more. I never thought twice about it, until she rolled off the bed last month😱. Yup rolled off and I felt awful the whole week, well I still do I’m pretty scared by it.

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