Who doesn’t like massages?

While researching and trying to learn more about essential oils I stumbled across an Infant Massage Class. It was even recommended by a few mom’s that have taken the class.

After talking with our instructor Jamie about including essential oils in Cataleya’s massage, I’ve decided to wait on introducing them to her. I’m impatiently wanting to put them on her, but took a step back, trying to be realistic about it, and realized their isn’t any rush. I’ll talk more about that later this week.


So instead Jezriel and I are going to focus on the benefits of giving massages to Cataleya. The classes were broken down to once a week for three weeks. This way we can practice the new technique and bring questions to the following class.


There are quite a few benefits and a couple that caught my attention were Soothe and Educate. I had no idea even a 9 month old would still have sensitivities to touch and will until they are three years old.


We’ve never used lotions on Cataleya, for two reasons. One, I rarely use them on myself since they irritate my ezcema and second, I’m conscious if I were to put anything on her skin, such has her hands, I question if it’s edibly safe? As an alternative we’ve used coconut oil, which has worked for us, but it’s a bit hard to travel around with it. Cataleya’s holistic pediatrician suggested an almond oil. Since then we’ve used that, plus it’s much portable, and really gets absorbed into her skin and my hands.


It’s great Jamie even recommended edible oils as well. A few are grapeseed, sweet almond (we use), sesame, and apricot. Side note, you want to ensure your baby doesn’t get an allergic reaction before you apply. You can easily find these at a Whole Foods and I actually found them randomly at Target too!


We learned about recognizing our baby’s cues, if it’s a good time to give a massage as well as checking in with ourselves (are we stressed or calm).

The first series focused on baby’s tummy, then torso, arms, and lastly face, shoulders and back. Jamie even included a little baby yoga exercises, super cute.


Being Cataleya is 9 months, she moves a lot, and it will take some practice to get dialed in to more of a routine. Although you can introduce massage at any age, Jamie noted the optimal time to introduce is 3 months, I’m going to jot that down for our future babies. Overall, when she was fussy we attempted giving her a massage and she really enjoyed it and calmed down.

Do you intudivly give your baby massages?

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