Cloth Wipes More Convenient For Us?

To be honest I’ve had this bottle just sitting in our nursery, probably for about a month before I decided to use it. There are DIY recipes you can find on Pinterest, but I just wanted something easy. I was interested in trying out cloth wipes, because I kept accidentally washing the disposable wipes.

Cloth Wipes More Convenient For Us?

Our diaper pail is right next to her dresser aka changing table. Instead of lining it with a trash bag we use  Ubbi’s cloth liner, so neither of us accidentally tosses her cloth diapers into the dumpster.

Finally about a month ago I pulled out BALM! Baby’s, Juice Those Wipes. I’ve used their products before, you can read up here so it made sense to use them again. The ingredients are simple: virgin olive oil, aloe verde juice, witch hazel (non-alcohol), Taylor’s liquid soap, essential oils, vitamin e-T50 – Tocopherol and grapeseed extract – GSE)

Cloth Wipes More Convenient For Us?

I used a 16oz amber glass bottle with a spray nozzle, I simply poured in the tiny amount of the Juice Those Wipes and the rest was water. Seriously it took me less than 2 min and I have no idea why I kept pushing it off. A guess mentally it felt like it was going to be a full day process.

Cloth Wipes More Convenient For Us?

I just threw in these cotton washcloths (similar here) that I was never using into the basket, I previously was placing her diapers into. It feels so much better that I can now throw both her cloth diapers and wipes into the same pail!

Cloth Wipes More Convenient For Us?

It doesn’t take more time while I change her. I just spray onto the washcloth and wipe her bum. At least I’m not struggling to just grab one disposable wipe out of the package, because they always seem to stick to each other.

Cloth Wipes More Convenient For Us?

Now I find that we still use our Water Wipes when were out and the cloth ones when were at home, that’s the routine I’ve notice that works for us.

What DIY cloth wipe recipes do you use?

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