A Chocolate Factory

For a few months now I’ve been wanting to check out MAST Brothers, a chocolate factory here in DTLA. I first noticed it from a mama friend Suziethen when I had coffee with Hannah a few months ago before the L.A. Baby Show and kept seeing it at Whole Foods, so it was a sign I needed to check the place out.

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LA in 4 days!!

As I talked about in a couple posts back my brother was in town to help my dad move here to California. They arrived early Monday morning due to being stuck in all day Sunday, from Las Vegas.  They got a glimpse of LA traffic so that was a much needed rest day for them.

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Cataleya’s Grandpa Moving to Cali 🌴 🌴

Our family has been quite busy this past week being tour guides 😝, as we had family in town, specifically my dad and brother. Every morning we woke up at 4am to head down to spend the day in Los Angeles. Can you say lots of coffee!!! We wanted to beat traffic at least one way.

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