Our Purple Mattress

Have you ever thought about when to switch up your mattress? We’ve had ours for about 5 years and we can see the wear and tear on it. Especially since we still bedshare, so the life expectancy probably drops?

A good night’s rest if a high priority for us! We love our dogs and if you remember we got them their very own doggie bed from Purple. So when looking for a mattress for us I had Purple already in mind. They were amazing to send us a mattress for our bedroom, we decided to go with the Purple Hybrid Premier with a 4″ Grid.

If your not familiar with Purple, let me tell you a little bit about them. The company itself is only 5 years old, but its innovation is 30 years old. The way the thought and innovated the mattress is pretty unique and that’s what originally caught my attention.

Purchasing a Purple mattress is a big expense, but with a 100-night trial, 10-year warranty, and free shipping pleased me. You get a scheduled delivery with signature confirmation, so you know exactly when it arrives. It comes in a large Purple wrapping which made it easier to slide up the stairs. Now we have a King size bed, so it’s heavy, but oh man so much easier than our old mattress.

Purple Hybrid Premier with a 4″ Grid

The set up was super easy, once my husband unrolled it on the bed, and cut the protective wrapping. Within seconds the mattress started to expand and was practically a full mattress while pulling off the last bit of wrapping.

When you touch the top of the mattress, I immediately feel the Purple Grid, and when I laid onto it I felt the firmness and softness the same time. Whatever position I laid in; my back or side, I felt Purple Grid just hugging my body.

As you all know we live in Arizona and our home is pretty warm, around the low 80’s to be specific. The first night we slept in it, we noticed the bed didn’t retain our body heat, which is a plus because our room and bodies are already warm.

Overall we love the new mattress and I can’t wait to find our new home so I can get the kids into their own rooms with a purple mattress of their own. It’s Purple’s 5th Anniversary and they’re celebrating by giving away a Purple Mattress! Click HERE for a chance to win your own Purple bed!

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