Matheus’s Birth Story – Our Rainbow Baby

Honestly, Matheus’s birth is such a blur. I had a lot of anxiety throughout the pregnancy in fear of another miscarriage and excessively bleeding after laboring. But I just gratefully remember feeling so much at peace when he was on my chest and crying.

I have to say though he is the longest baby I carried, I was 39 weeks and 1 day, and my longest labor at 6 hours I believe. My body tricked me as about a week previously I thought I was going to go into labor with contractions, but then they just disappeared, and was able to go along with my week as nothing happened; false alarm!

Just about a weekish later, in the late evening I gave my midwife, Christy and birth photographer, Carey a heads up I was feeling some contractions. I even told Christy and my husband to maybe just wait an hour and see, as I thought it could have been a false alarm again. When they arrived early in the morning I still doubted if I was heading into labor. I don’t know why but possibly because I was comparing this birth to my previous ones. When my water broke with the other two kids that when we headed to the Birth Center, but this time mine didn’t break yet.

So, any who we had our birthing pool upstairs in the loft near the kid’s bedroom, it was actually really cool the kids casually woke up and did their morning routine. Jezriel made breakfast for everyone while I was going through the motions. The kids played with the water, Cataleya even put on her swimsuit to jump in for a wee bit, literally!

My main concern was ensuring my kids were near me while I birthed which was very comforting for me. If I remember correctly I believe Enzo was even pouring water onto my back and Cataleya asking me questions. Both were playing with their toys in the birthing tub too.

You know what’s a good thing? That I didn’t have Jezriel wait to call Christy and Carey when my water broke because when it did, Matheus came in about 30 min. It was pretty quick!

All I wanted was a birth a home, birthing my baby in the water, and my kids there to witness it all with Jezriel. We even all got to find out the sex of our baby; we wanted it to be a surpise. It was so fun finding out when Christy lifted him up and glad Carey captured that in the video. If we’re blessed with another baby I would 100% percent do it again!

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**All images and video were taken by Carey Lauren **

Video By: Carey Lauren

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