Pizza Night with Papa Murphy’s dairy-free cheese

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As you know my husband Jezriel has followed a plant-based diet for several years now. The guy loves his fruits and vegetables. There are occasions where he would make something separate if what the family ate had meat and/or dairy.

The good thing is through these years we have gotten creative and also expanded our tastebuds to what he likes to eat. Throughout our meals, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, we enjoy switching up our ingredients as a family. One meal that is easy, fun, and enjoyable after a busy week is family pizza night at home. It’s been tough getting everyone on the same page cause outside my husband we love our cheese & pepperoni but this time Jezriel can enjoy it with us, thanks to Papa Murphy’s!

Through Papa Murphy’s website, you have a good amount of different dairy-free cheese pizzas to choose from and/or create your own. Then you also have a choice of size, and crust type, and you can even customize how light/heavy you want your sauce or toppings. The customization makes family pizza night enjoyable for the whole family.

Papa Murphy's Dairy-Free Cheese Pizza

For family pizza night, I ordered us a Create Your Own Pizza: For a family of four, I went with a 14″ pizza, my tummy really wanted the pan but went with the original. It’s nice as it meets in the middle between the pan and the thin crust. In addition, we customized the whole pizza with a light traditional sauce, dairy-free mozzarella cheese, and our favorite veggie toppings: mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and garlic. Since my kids, Cataleya and Enzo are 50/50 when it comes to their veggies, I love that Papa Murphy’s has these Mini Murphs, make-your-own pizza kits for the kids, and they are also available in dairy-free Cheese which we got. Plus the kids have a blast making and putting together their own pizzas. Knowing my husband he wanted more veggies so of course and we couldn’t forget about more greens so we also picked up a salad for us.

Papa Murphy's Dairy-Free Cheese Pizza and Salad

Once we got home, the fun began as the kids literally couldn’t wait to put their pizzas together. The funny part for us as a family is that I was surprised the Mini Murph stayed intact on the way home because we know what happens when kids handle or hold onto food in the car. It’s typically an interior cleaning day for my husband the next day, lol!

As I pre-heated our ovens the kids were drenching their sauce onto their pizza dough (they LOVE pizza sauce) and sprinkling their dairy-free cheese over the sauce and pizza. We didn’t have to wait long after either to eat, the baking time on the pizzas was pretty quick. Literally, by the time I had the table set, it was done and ready for us.

Kids Mini Murph Pizzas
Kids Mini Murph Pizzas

The kids love watching the dairy-free cheese on the pizza bubble from the oven and it melted pretty well. My husband’s mouth was drooling ready to eat as you can imagine. I was actually surprised by the taste and smell, it passed my taste test for sure. Plus, most importantly, I had a happy husband that was able to enjoy family pizza night with the whole family without any challenges.

Pizza Night with Papa Murphy's
Papa Murph's Pizza Slice

Head to Papa Murphy’s and order a dairy-free pizza for dinner tonight, use code Rai25 to receive 25% off orders of $25 or more (valid 6/11 through 7/11). Give it try and tell me below what you ordered or put together with your dairy-free cheese pizza.