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It has been an emotional but exciting time as our family prepped for our rainbow baby. As a lovely gesture, BabbleBoxx sent over a few essentials that I know we will be using 100%. I’m a big believer and ultimately feel like after your 1st baby, you know what your must-haves are. Of course, vice versa. Here are some of the fantastic must-have items BabbleBoxx put together.

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Boppy 4 & More Multi-Use Cover

I’ve always been a massive fan of Boppy Company with all my babies and pregnancies, and this versatile cover is no exception. I love anything slim, and this one has an integrated Stash n’ Go Pouch, so I can easily store the lid and toss it into our diaper backpack while we’re on the go. It is great to have it when we journey and go on our daily kid adventures.

Since we are out and about doing errands, going on adventures, pretty much everything together as a family, I typically like to use these covers for shopping carts, highchairs when we eat, and as a car seat canopy. I love another important aspect because we live in Arizona, so breathable materials and the UPF 50+ are musts to protect my baby. We got to be prepared and ready to go in weather conditions like what we have out here.

Philips Avent Natural bottle with Natural Response Nipple

Something that came naturally to me is I’ve breastfed and pumped my milk for all my babies. So I’m excited to try Philips Avent NEW Natural Bottle and Nipple. I need to have something that uses our baby’s natural rhythm, and NEW Natural Response Nipple only releases milk when our baby is actively drinking. That will make it easier to switch between breast and bottle feeding.

Baby Magic® Calming Bath + Calming Lotion

You instantly smelled the lavender and camomile when I opened up the caps. These are going to be a perfect addition to our future nighttime routine. Each Baby Magic® product is dermatologist tested a crafted for their delicate skin with wholesome ingredients, no parabens, phthalates, dyes, or sulfates. The Calming Bath and Lotion has Aleo to help keep their skin feel hydrated and replenish their moister barrier.

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