Enzo’s Birth Story

As I’m typing this up, I’ve realized how much I’ve forgotten, Jezriel had to help me remember a few parts. I was 38 weeks and 1 day, on Saturday, January 27th, we were planning to head down to my chiropractor in Pasadena, to get an adjustment that morning, so we were up by 6:00 am.

I told Jezriel I felt contractions most of the night, but I didn’t think this was going to be the day. I was comparing it with Cataleya’s and I felt those contractions days before birthing her. Jezriel of course was nervous and called Renee, our midwife, to give her a heads up. As well as Lauren, our birth photographer.

Cataleya was still sleeping, so I went ahead to take a warm shower that helped calm down my contractions.  After talking with my midwife she suggested to stay close in the area given my previous history of a quick labor. The rest of day Jezriel casually kept track of my contractions while we went on with our day running local errands and grab lunch. We kept Renee and Lauren in the loop via text message throughout the day.

About 5:30 pm I mentioned to Jezriel these contractions were a bit different than what I remembered with Cataleya. I figured I’d try to get some rest and headed upstairs to brush my teeth, clean my face and get into some comfy pajamas. I had Jezriel lay out the bed pad I mentioned in this post HERE. Good thing because sure enough right when I laid down my water broke, talk about instincts!

Jezriel on the other hand was frantically looking for his phone to call Renee while I waddled to the bathroom to take another warm shower. Again, it seems to have helped me cope with the contractions. He yelled down to my dad it’s “go time” and both of them were running around downstairs frantically gathering everything,… even though everything essentially was ready ?! Cataleya was with us and my dad met up with us at the birth center after getting lost, don’t worry he eventually found it ??‍♀️.

We arrived at the birth center about 6:30pm I headed straight into the same room I birthed Cataleya in, you can read her birth story HERE. My dad and stepmom were in the Birth Center’s living room and watched Cataleya while she freely came in and out of the room while I labored. She surprisingly was crazy calm and simply played with her Minnie Mouse in the tub I was in.

At 37 weeks, we found out I was GBS positive this time around. I was a bit disappointed that an option was antibiotics and on top of that it had to be administered through an IV at the time of labor ?. I personally prefer to avoid antibiotics when necessary, but after reading up a few evidence based documents my midwife provided, I felt like the antibiotics outweighed the risks. The other worry I had was having a needle in my hand or in my arm the whole time creeped me out.

However, they took the time to explain when the IV would happen, how long would the IV take (I only needed one dose since my labor was less than 4 hours), surprisingly I think it took 15 minutes or less. Lately, they even showed me the antibiotics, which needle they would use etc., so for me that gave me comfort. I knew exactly what to expect that evening, no surprises.

This labor was sooo different, just as fast, but Enzo had me work for him. That back labor is no joke, I feel like I even bit Jezriel’s hand, sorry love! Just like with Cataleya’s birth, I threw up a couple times, never fails, ha. I labored mostly in the water then eventually walked over to the bed and birthed him there. It wasn’t long after that, maybe a couple minutes, I pushed harder than I did with Cataleya. Literally felt like it took every ounce of energy to push Enzo out.

At 9:02 pm Enzo made his arrival earth-side, sunny side up, having that umbilical cord around his neck, not once but twice, which pushed him into a military presentation; yes,… ouch! Cataleya was asleep in the other room when Enzo was born. When she woke up and she was a little surprised of who this little baby was.

While we enjoyed our quite time with Enzo I enjoyed my Starbucks coffee while I nursed him and smelled that newborn scent. Even though this labor was tough and hurt a little more I wouldn’t have it any other way. About two hours later Renee did his newborn exam right beside me, for some reason this is my favorite part. Enzo weighed in at 6 lb, 10 oz and was 20 inches long.

By midnight we were on our way home as a family of four. As for our future babies, I want a home birth for sure. I look at Enzo and can’t believe he is here and how much love Cataleya gives him everyday. She calls him “baby brother” and occasionally says Enzo.

I love that Renee our midwife caught both of our babies in the same room and Lauren captured both of their births. Jezriel and I will cherish these moments so much  and I know the kids will love looking through them! Lastly, I’m so glad Cataleya was apart and able to experience her baby brothers birth.

Photography by Lauren Guilford Photography    

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing these photos! So stunning. It brought back so many memories of my own labor. And what a beautiful baby!

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