My Birth Center Bag

When preparing my birth center bag with Cataleya’s pregnancy I was a bit confused what to bring because I couldn’t find an example list anywhere online. They were all for hospital bags!

I even attempted modifying my bag from a hospital list but in turn wasn’t minimal and still brought way too much! I now have a better idea on what to bring. Given I’ll be birthing in the water/tub and going home approximately 4 hours after the birth.

I’m a “list, calendar, e-mail type” of person and need to feel somewhat organized. Our birth kit that our Birth Center put together already has some essentials, like those wonderful Depends, peri bottles, maternity pads and disposable underpads, so below are just what I’ll be packing. I was actually able to fit everything for me, Cataleya and Jezriel into one bag ??.

Labor Essentials

I prefer my labor time to be quite and intimate

  • (1) black nursing bra (sports bra was hard to take off when wet)
  • bottle of water
  • hair tie

Going Home Outfit 

Bringing an extra outfit, since last time I threw up all over mine and after my water broke well it didn’t stop.

Baby Boy’s Essentials

At Home Essentials

Toddler Essentials – (We are bringing Cataleya to the Birth Center)

  • (2) pajamas 
  • (2) underwear
  • socks
  • slippers
  • jacket + hat
  • favorite blanket
  • favorite stuffed animal
  • snacks (dried fruit, apples, mini oranges, coconut water)

Jezriel’s Essentials

As we did with Cataleya’s birth our birth photographer will be there, so I only had a few main items I had to ensure for Jezriel.

  • solid shirt
  • comfy shorts/pants
  • phone charger

What did you pack for your birth center bag?

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