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I recently took a Pumping 101 class that Allison held last month. I don’t now about you, but I hate reading manuals🙋🏼, so if I can take a class, I’m all for it! She holds a few different types of workshops and refresh classes, that you can take a 👀 on her website Bravo Birth. Jezriel and I have previously taken her childbirth and breastfeeding classes that were beneficial to us.

We first met Allison back in October of 2014 when we were in the search of a birth center.  We completely clicked with Allison from the beginning and very much reminded us of our yoga instructor. What I like about her is that she’s very neutral in her perspective of things, a team player in your parental decisions, extremely easy to talk to, active in Facebook community groups and absolutely loves helping families!

Each of her classes gave much needed information for both my husband and I to feel comfortable with each stage of my motherhood journey.

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Her Pumping 101 class is something I’ve not seen other local areas have or promote.  I only came across it because I subscribed to my birth centers events, so it’s awesome she had one. For me pumping was very intimating and overwhelming😳. Honestly I don’t like pumping, I only use it if I absolutely have to be away from Cataleya. However, I’ve grown to appreciate and be more grateful for the machine.


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I initially thought pumping was just for mom’s going back to work, but boy was I wrong! It’s for all moms that may want pump occasionally, part-time or full-time. All of us mom’s have a different journey in pumping, we may be doing it at home, at an office, or on the road. Getting that custom help with Allison is so helpful.

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Allison went over some great stuff like, how long to pump, different types of machines, time saving tips on cleaning parts, breastmilk storage, and so much more! I really feel this type of class is very valuable for any mom interested in pumping. Overall, Allision will always be our go to person for new or refresh classes!

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