No bottle just a Doidy please

Cataleya is exclusively breastfed, so that means me being near to nurse her on demand. Now we purposely waited to introduce the bottle till she was about 5 months and honestly if I could avoid it, I would. However, there were times I needed to be away for a couple hours, and thats when we realized the challenge. She wouldn’t take a bottle for the life of us and a part of me felt a tiny bit guilty not introducing the bottle sooner.

Jezriel and I bought what felt like a lot of different bottles. We tried the Munchkin Latch, Comotomo, Dr. Brown, Tommee Tippee and BreastFlow; I was over trying different bottles.  The only bottle that gave us a little hope was the BreastFlow, but instead of sucking, she would nibble the top to squeeze out the milk.

At the next local Le Leche League meeting, the leaders suggested a Doidy cup, since she was old enough for it. Have you heard of it? It was new to me, but basically the cup has no lid, it’s slanted and has handles for your baby to grab onto; very baby friendly. I bought a couple directly on their website, but I later realized you can get them on Amazon too!

Doidy Cup

When we received the cups, we attempted feeding Cataleya with it. She obviously didn’t know how to sip out of it, but instead was trying to lick the milk out of the cup.  I really should say it was all Jezriel, because she actually wouldn’t take the cup if I was in the house. Not just in another room away from her, but literally I had to be out of the house. It didn’t take long for her to learn how to sip and swallow the milk out of the cup. It was such a relief but I was a little worried about her possibly preferring the cup over nursing.

I don’t feel guilty not introducing the bottle anymore. The Le Leche League leaders gave multiple suggestions. I guess you can call it “trial and error “and the Doidy cup option was the one that worked for us. We decided to only bring out the cup if I needed to be away from her, mainly because we both really enjoy our nursing sessions; and she definitely still prefers nursing.

I tried taking photos of her drinking out of the cup, but she just won’t when I’m around her. I’ll try to get Jezriel to take a selfie and post on Instagram.

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