“Right of Passage”

As most of you know our family has co-slept since Cataleya was just a few hours old. Although she takes up a big portion of our bed, we still continue since it’s so much easier for many reasons. I feel like when she started sitting up thats when she started to move around a lot more. I never thought twice about it, until she rolled off the bed last month😱. Yup rolled off and I felt awful the whole week, well I still do I’m pretty scared by it.


Of course, it was in the middle of the night, when we heard that thud. Man, that was the fastest Jez and I ever woke! I still have no idea if she was face down or up because I’m blind as a bat. I naturally just swopped her up and nursed her while feeling so guilty😭. She cried for about a minute, we monitored her all day while she literally continued on with her routine as if nothing happen. As one mom said “it’s a right of passage”.


That morning I reached out to my mommy community and quickly replied with suggestions and we opted to purchase a bed rail. We exchanged a few because of our thick profile mattress. Come to find out they’re all made for toddler beds, so I just pushed some pillows up against it. Unless their is one that does exist, please let me know!🤓



How does your family prevent your little ones from rolling off when co-sleeping?

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