Breastfeeding While Pregnant

I figure I’d do a little post update on my experience continuing breastfeeding with Cataleya during this pregnancy. I’ve got quite a few DM’s about it on Instagram. This whole journey has surprised me in every stage, whether it be when her teeth came in, nursing after she turned one, and now while I’m pregnant.

I always assumed Cataleya would wean before I became pregnant again, but we’re still going. At the beginning of this pregnancy I was absolutely super sensitive and would clench my teeth every time she latched on, but that disappeared the further along I became. However, that was when I told myself okay I’m throwing in the towel, I’m done, I have to wean. I just couldn’t imagine nursing a toddler and a newborn.

Jezriel is amazing at helping me distract and calm Cataleya at nights & weekends, but the weekdays are hard since he is working. Obviously I feel like crap with this stubborn morning sickness and exhaustion, so I give in; it’s just easier to nurse her. But my main weakness is when she runs up to me while saying “nursees, nursees”.

Realistically she doesn’t nurse that much. It’s only when she’s in a new environment, get’s hurt, and/or wants to sleep. Now nursing isn’t uncomfortable anymore and secretly I’m hoping my milk will dry out…. Cataleya won’t dry nurse and that would just wean herself off. That would be the best senerio!!! So right now I’m undecided…What have you mama’s done in this scenario, any of you have tandem nurse?

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3 thoughts on “Breastfeeding While Pregnant

  1. We have an 8yr old and 3 that are going to be considered back to back to back. One is 2 the other is almost 14mo and I am 24wks pregnant. With the 2yr old my milk dried up by the time I was about 6.5mos pregnant they are so close she was only 9.5mos. this time I just continued nursing and I decided to quit cold turkey. Took her about 3 days to not come up and ask for “milky milk” before bed or nap. I worked with le Leche and several Mom’s tandem nurse successfully, I just couldn’t do it myself. I am exhausted! I’m a SAHM who recently took on homeschool so the thought alone was overwhelming. I do have one Mom with a near 3yr old and 2mo old baby she nurses, and another who still tandem nurses her 3 and 4yr olds.

    1. Hi Sarah! I should swing my our local Le Leche group, totally forgot about them. I’m a SAHM to and totally know what you mean, I give it to the moms that can tandem nurse. So far to date she hasn’t nursed since Wednesday, yay!!! Hopefully this is a sign ‘fingers crossed’. I have to agree the night and nap time is the hardest.

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