This Father’s Day weekend we celebrated a little early since Jezriel had to fly out on Sunday for work travel.

This specific festival was in Cherry Valley, east of here and hot! Thankfully they had tons of shade, but still was a bit of intense. Lets say we had a fair share of water and ice cream. Oh but once you got onto the grounds you could smell all that lavender!

I mean they had lavender beer, ice cream, in savory foods, to making lavender wands and bouquets and household items etc. The grounds were so beautiful I could totally see wedding being held there.

We didn’t get deep into the fields, because of the heat and Cataleya was like nope and the flowers attracted the bumble bees and I was absolutely terrified of getting any of us stung. It was a bit a far drive and later this week I found one in the Ojai Valley I’d like to got to. Maybe even cooler, but I’ve always wanted to visit Ojai.

What did everyone else do for Father’s Day?

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