Cherry Season

The month of June is Cherry season and short one from my understanding. Luckily we have a cherry farm pretty close to us in Leona Valley.

Lately we’ve been feeling that dessert heat and assumed the day we went would be just that. Went earlier in the morning, nothing crazy maybe like 8am and drove to the Villa del Sol. It was a bit chilly and cloudy and thankfully I dress Cataleya warm.

Jezriel wore Cataleya most of the time, since she wanted to get comfortable with her surrounding first. We actually lost my dad in the orchards, yup that easy, but he found us! They provided us a bucket and could fill however much we desired.

Once Cataleya felt comfortable to get on the ground she was so cute picking them off the branches, inspecting them, ripping of the stem and throwing them into the bucket for us to take home.

We had to types to pick from, the Bing and Rainier. I didn’t know the different but the color, however my dad insisted get majority of the Bing. When we headed home I was torn on making Cherry pie or Cherry cheesecake. Since most of you recommended a cherry pie I went with that and I was so delicious that we all inhaled it too fast before I cold take pictures.

There are a couple weeks left of the season and highly recommend going if one is near you!

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