Sickies In The Household ?

Our household got taken over a nasty cold last week. Even Jezriel was down for a week and as my dad would say, he’s Wolverine! He usually is just sick for a day, done and over with it.

As expected we all caught it, after the next person healed up. I was stuck in my bed, but Cataleya got sick at the peak of my cold. She wanted mommy and tons of “nursies”, especially since she had a fever. Poor thing couldn’t hold anything down, but mommas milk.

Since my pregnancy I’ve minimized our family taking over the counter medicine, however my body aches were so bad I gave in to Aspirin. Cataleya’s fever was higher than normal so Jezriel prepared some lemon socks for her, and by the next morning she broke her fever.

Back when she was about 4M old we ran into the same situation and did the same thing. It worked wonders! Obviously we read up about fevers from Dr. Sears, called our nurses line, and chatted with our Holistic Pediatrician.

As for Jezriel and I, we drank some homemade tea. I don’t like the taste of it without a lot of honey then I can drink it through out the day. My midwife gave us this recipe and we’ve used it since. Basically you have boil water, chop up some fresh garlic, squeeze a lemon or two, add sea salt, and stir in some Manuka Honey.

Every night we pulled in Cataleya’s mist humidifier into our room and infused a tiny bit of eucalyptus oil. I had some bad nasal congestion and had to have my dad grab me a neti pot. Have you ever used one? This has helped me avoid sinus infections that I use to get regularly with a cold.

Last but not least we indulged on some healthy greens smoothie and picked up those yummy ? wellness shots for the whole fam. Wow,… those wellness shots, they are intense and get my eyes watering. I also usually take some elderberry, but unfortunately we had none made, and the two places that I buy it from were out of stock.

I’m so glad we are all feeling better and am ready for a non sick weekend. Surprisingly Cataleya was really only sick one day. I’m grateful for because I’m sure like any other parent, I’d rather have the worse of it than her.

What holistic methods do you use when a cold hits your household?


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