The Best Alarm

Look at that face! This is what I get to wake up to every morning plus my husband ?.


Even though I crave an extra 30 min of sleep at 4am, yes that’s pretty consistent everyday.  She’s so peaceful when she wakes up and goes threw her mini routine of smiles, stretches and nursing sessions ?.

We’ve been co-sleeping since birth and couldn’t believe how it has perfectly worked out for us.  Well with the exception of her literally taking up the whole bed. Their were times in the middle of the night I’m hanging at the edge ?, I’m left freezing, because she kicks down the blankets, or I wake up to a hand poking my eye ball.


Even though we have a completed nursery, that she happens to only play in and have the occasional diaper changes ?. I’m charishing these mornings with her right next to me, because it’s not going to be forever. I’ll probably be a little sad when the time comes to transfer her into the crib.

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