Bath Time

Since birth, Cataleya loves being with mommy or daddy during bath time. Unfortunately, an infant bath never work out for us. My midwife suggested bringing her into the shower with me. Of course that sounded so foreign to me, but I was open to it.

It took a little technique, but we got it down. For example, I brought in the bassinet (came with our stroller) and stand into our bathroom near our shower.

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I would take a shower first while she laid in the bassinet with just a diaper. This way I can still see and hear her. Once I was done, I’d take off her diaper and bring her into the shower with me. It worked out, plus she is immediately much more content, observant, giggly and she even nurses in the shower. When done, I simply place a towel around us both and bring her onto our bed and dress her.


Now that she is 7 months old and has outgrown the bassinet, I need a new solution. I’m not sure where I can place her while I take a shower and still have her in arms reach. However, I do have my husband to hand her over when I’m done, but if he’s not around I screw myself out of a shower.

Open to suggestions, if anyone has any.

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4 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. Hey babe i was looking over your blog amazing work mama so proud of you! We co shower always have with our kids when they were small I would put them in the bouncer in the bathroom just in a diaper… as they got older I would lay them in the baby mesh sling for the tub really simple small cheap easy to dry…now that sophia is one I just let her sit in the tub and play while we both shower. She is very calm in the shower she doesn’t crawl all over she just relaxes. Xoxo Ronni

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