Mom’s Group

I would of never thought in a millions years I would enjoy and look forward to mom group meet ups. I attend a few different ones; the birth center, local parish and  Le Leche League, I like a variety ?.

I attended my first one at the birth center when Cataleya was 6 weeks old. It was my first time venturing out  without anyone. She slept most of the time thank gosh, but inside I was so nervous that day. I almost chicken out going, but I was determined! I had so many thoughts going on, how do I change her, should I bring the car seat or the stroller, nursing publicly, do I carry Cataleya instead, but the diaper bag, etc etc ? I’m sure I over thought the idea but you get the idea.

Moms group was great for me to ask questions, get suggestions and build friendships.  Before Cataleya was born I had such a different perspective in parenting and motherhood. She threw us curve balls and that’s when She taught me to become much more open-minded. Its where I learned ? about baby wearing, toilet elimination communication, baby lead weaning, co-sleeping and the list goes on.

 Plus, I enjoy the interactions that Cataleya gets with other babies and being around other moms, but mainly the community.

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