Pit Stops

We headed down to San Diego for a birthday party during the weekend. Unfortunately, I dreaded the drive down all last week ?. Car rides don’t soothe Cataleya, but a little strategic planning helps.

Since she consistently wakes up at 4 am and typically takes her first nap 2-3 hours later. The goal was to have her take that nap while we’re driving down.

To save time in the morning, the night before I packed her overnighter diaper bag with extra cloths, diapers, blankets, highchair cover, my ring sling and her potty. Car seat was already in the car, since we rarely take that out. Lastly, was the birthday and Christmas gifts that we had to stuff in the trunk ?.

IMG_6234 (1)

After all that I was finally able to lay out her comfy outfit, and since she needed a bath, her sponge, towel and soap.

IMG_6263 (1)

The morning of we all just took a shower, got dressed and secured her into her car seat. Played the “Cataleya Mix” that consists songs of All 4 One and Boys II Men ?. She was out by the time we got into Starbucks drive thru for some much needed coffee and food.

IMG_6233 (1)

Overall, we were on the road by 5:30 am and it was huge success, she slept the whole way down ??.

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