Big Hurdles

I recently jumped a hurdle that reminded me of a challenge I still had in my breastfeeding journey. I nurse Cataleya comfortably without a cover and I strongly feel my husband and mom’s group built that confidence for me. However, I just couldn’t take that next leap around close friends and family.

That’s where my nursing cover came in handy. The only thing was that I struggled getting that technique down depending with the weather conditions 💨 🔥 and a wiggly baby .


Majority of our friends are either in Denver or San Diego. So it’s not everyday we get to see them and I get that practice time in😔.

Anyways I was cleaning my desktop up and came across a photo my dad took a few months ago. Now my dad is equivalent to a paparazzi so it’s no surprise he snapped a shot of me nursing Cataleya.

11882320_994311457286601_805814447247652949_o (1)
Dad’s Shot 🙂

That’s when I realized it, that birthday party we attended this past weekend. That’s when it happened I instinctively nursed Cataleya without my cover. A guess I needed the 7.5 months of building my confidence and I feel a huge weight got lifted from my shoulders.

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