Christmas Stay at Fairmont Grand Hotel

A few days before Christmas, Jezriel and I took the kids down to San Diego to hang out with our family just before Christmas. Jezriel is from San Diego and when were there we love to stay at the hotels, I love the ambiance of them.

We stayed at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, because we originally planned on taking the kids to their annual Winter Wonderland festival and it was close to family. The hotel was decorated so beautifully for Christmas, right when you walk in their is a massive REAL Christmas tree. The kids couldn’t take their eye off of it, until the front desk pulled out the treasure chest for them to each pick out a gift.

We arrived kinda late and couldn’t wait to just lay in bed. The bellhop got our bags to room before we even got to our room. We were probably just in awe every corner we turned, of how beautiful this hotel was. Cataleya and Enzo had a burst of energy and just scoped out the room, jumping on the plush bed, ran into spacious bathroom and instantly wanted to take a bath in this massive tub! But then they discovered a lovely greeting dessert platter from the pastry chef.

When we stay at hotels I always upgrade to add in breakfast and dine in the morning. We can causally wake up, get ready and eat not stressed out to rush our the room. All night it rained and in the morning it was pouring you guys. Unfortunately, you can never plan for the weather and Winter Wonderland got rained out. So we instead took the time to explore the beautiful grounds, when there was a gap from the pour of rain we ran outside to explore and snap some picturesque photos.

Cataleya found a bright RED telephone to make a quick call to Santa Clause and her face lite up when she heard his voice. Even Enzo got in the action and they both had the biggest smiles. And I think the kids found all three beautiful Christmas tree’s through out the hotel.

We decided to meet up with family and eat out for lunch and book reservations for dinner at the Amaya their on-site restaurant. This was the BEST on-site dinner restaurant we’ve ever ate at. The food, drinks and dessert was everything, our waiter gave us the best suggestions.

We can’t wait to see the Winter Wonderland festival next year. Be sure to check out my vlog HERE and you’ll see what I mean. Fairmont is a hided gem in San Diego I had no idea it was so within city limits. If your visiting San Diego or looking for a staycations book your stay there, you’ll love it.

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