Packing For The Family

We recently came back from our trip to New York late last month. Leading up to departure, I was a little nervous back for all of us.

This was our first trip that we wouldn’t be seeing nor staying with family, so I naturally felt like we were going to bring a ton. But… I was able to fit all of us in one big suitcase, one side were the kids and I, and the other side was Jezriel and our toiletry items.

I always bring a carry on, because I usually have the worst luck with getting our luggage lost. Technically I could of check in our compact stroller but because I couldn’t chance getting that lost we just did that at the gate. Then we had the kids car seats and back packs.

A few of you asked how the heck I fit all of us in one suit case. You guys packing cubes are the best and I find rolling up your cloths is key! Also since the kids cloths are so tiny especially Enzo’s. I used ziplock bags to break up each day with all the essentials, such as underwear, top, bottoms, socks.

Small Packing Cubes // Large Packing Cubes
Gallon Size Zip Lock Bags

I rolled mine and Jezriel’s top and bottoms together and had our undergarments/socks each of our own packing cube. We all packed an additional nice shoe, you know not our walking shoe that we wore on the plane.

We’ve always used toiletry bags when traveling, however I need to purchase another one for the kids to share, because that was a bit much between mine and Jezriel’s. And you know what, we actually got sick on the trip and I completely forgot to pack a mini medicine cabinet. At least I had our fever reducer with us, since Cataleya’s febrile seizure I always have that on us.

Toiletry Bag // Jezriel Toiletry Bag
Grid It – Tidy Up Tech Stuff

As for our carry on (aka just in case) suit case, I just bring one extra outfit for all us (using our packing cube), a pack of diapers, overnight essentials and tech cords. These are the cloths we technically would wear on our way back home.

Lastly, about a week before I Amazon shipped some diapers, wipes, water bottles and snacks.

Let me know your tricks! We are headed to Hawaii later this year and can’t wait for a more relaxed vacation.

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