The Garage

It feels so good to pull into the garage and everything is in it’s place. Really wanted shelving on one side and the other side for hanging items.

We originally bought freestanding shelves but they were too deep. I was worried they could possibly tip over. So I searched tirelessly for DIY shelves and found one! Though we did have to tweek it to our liking and garage size.

It was surprisingly easy to install and it’s actually mounted to the wall. Another goal was to have as much of the items off the ground so its easy to blow out the area and clean, especially when the wood shop is in action. Got to have matching bins! Love how sturdy these ones from Home Depot are and are amazingly affordable.

Black Bins
Handled Tool Holders // Stackable Shoe Rack

The other side were hanging items such as bikes, sporting goods, and beach essentials. I wanted to use the Container Elfa Railing system, but unfortunately didn’t work with my pieces. Plus I prefer to hang from a stud as much as possible and the drill holes didn’t match the stud distances

What’s great about the accessory hooks from the Container Store is that they don’t have to be installed to the railing. You can choose to directly install into the stud so thats what we did.

Ladder // Beach Umbrella // Beach Chair // Cataleya’s Bike // Wide Accessory Hook // Golf Bag Storage // Ball Storage Bag
Wall Hanger

Oh!…one last wish list item I had for the garage was a bench area to sit, take off our shoes and have a home for them. My dad made a simple bench and then I purchased stackable shelves for our shoes from Target. For not having a mud room, this was a game changer for us.

Would love to hear what ways you keep your garage nice and tidy.

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