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I wanted to share my nursing experience with both Cataleya and Enzo. I’m grateful I’ve been able to and still am with Enzo. Cataleya nursed until she was 27 months. I was 4 months pregnancy with Enzo at that time and at that moment I was over nursing, it’s interesting when you know your done. I tried weaning her soon after finding out I was pregnancy but as you know she wasn’t having it. In September that year she weaned herself obviously the moment when I stopped trying.

Dress // Enzo Sweatshirt + Pants

I’m curious how long Enzo will nurser for, but my goal is at least one year and anything longer for me is a huge win. Although I’ve been fortunate I have yet to experience any challenges when it comes to nursing, I still feel like this second time around is so much easier and confident with it especially out in public. But I will say when Cataleya reached 18M I felt that was another milestone to get comfortable nursing beyond 1 year out in public, because I didn’t see other babes nursing around her age.

I occasionally pump, but I prefer not to have a stash and instead just a day’s worth in the freezer of breastmilk. I typically go between my electric breastpump and haaKaa and milk-saver.  Jezriel has feed the kids either with a cup or bottle, but that is really super rare because if I’m only gone for an hour or two Enzo and he is knocked out.

Occasionally I may have questions on vitamins, my diet or whatever it might be and I’ll just give my midwife Renee from SCV Birth Center a call into her office. She caught both of our babies and is a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC ). So if a problem ever arises she my go to. If you every have questions or looking for help and your in the SCV or LA area, contact her.

Also this time around I’ve gotten better picking out cloths and bras that are nursing friendly. You’ll usually catch me in a v-neck shirt, a dress or my favorite nursing tees. I’ve been wearing a ton more dresses this year, thanks to Cataleya. Below are some of my favorite nursing bras and it just depends what I’m wearing:

I would love to hear your breastfeeding or journey as everyone’s is different.


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11 thoughts on “Nursing Experience

    1. All mama’s need a great support system no matter which direction we and our babies choose <3 Would love to know what bottle's have worked for both your babies.

  1. That’s so awesome mama! My 13 month old just decided to stop nursing cold turkey over Labor Day weekend and it’s been so bitter sweet ? I just have to remind myself I’m fortunate to have been able to nurse her this long ?

  2. I don’t have kids but so admire all the moms out there (both who breastfeed and those who don’t.) You guys are the unsung heroes!

  3. It’s awesome you’ve been able to nurse so long, good for you momma! I’ve made it to around 14 months with all of mine, they basically self-weaned at that point. But my goal has always been a year so I’m happy with that! Thanks for the great resources!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t have babies yet, but hope to in the next few years. This really helps prepare me for knowing what to expect.

  5. I just love seeing you so happy Ray! Keep up the great work girl. You will always have a friend in me. I wasn’t able to breastfeed my babies, my milk dried up the same day I had them. But I’m so excited to see you be able to bond with your babies in this way?

    1. Awww thanks for reading Jes! Gosh I miss our swimming days. I still do once in a while, but I wish I had someone to head to the pool with. Do you still swim? We need to meet up once we are in CO next time (probably next year after April).

      1. I don’t swim to often anymore. To much going on all the time! I would love to meet up with you and do lunch when you guys make it back to Colorado? I’m so happy to see you happy Ray! Motherhood looks so good on you. Keep up the great work girl.

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