Lil Family Update

Can you believe its been four months since my dad hasleft to the Philippines? It helps that the kids keep me busy though. But don’t get it twisted I’m secretly counting down the months when he is back in January 2019.

The biggest challenge was ensuring to keep up with the blog, taking photos and regular family duties. If you didn’t know my dad would come with me to different locations and take photos, run errands with me and keep our place sparkly clean (Marine habits stuck with him).

To keep the flow going in our household, we had to understand we just can’t do this all by ourselves. And since Jezriel and I both work at home, boy does our place get dirty faster!It made sense to find someone help the load to clean up our place weekly. Let me tell you best investment so far, why the heck did we wait so long!

Baby Carrier + Nursing Shirt + Shorts // Cataleya Dress
Nursing Shirt + Baby Carrier + Water Container

Next, I take majority of photos, but it’s a bit harder with two kids and including myself in the shots. Sure I can have Jezriel take them, but he works during the day. By the time he got off it’s dinner time and we go to bed early (7/8pm) and in the early morning I’m prepping our day.

I’ve gotten so busy we just can’t dedicate taking photos only on the weekends, so my friends Mr. Tripod came to the rescue along with my trigger remote(s). Yes, its awkward whipping out that tripod and people starring at you oddly, but I’m limited.

Camera + Tripod

An you know it’s better taking a photo with a tripod even if Jezriel there because he can juggle the kids when were out in about  and I frame the shot. So we’ve learned to just bring Mr. Tripod everywhere with us, just incase we have an opportunity for a good shot.

Lastly, running errands with the kids, isn’t that bad. As long as they ate, had their bathroom breaks and have them participate in what I’m doing were all good. It takes me a bit longer to run errands because I include mini breaks between to let to have the kids burn out there energy. At the end of the day I feel like a super mom! Plus I have tons of fun documenting our family.

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