Let The Dancing Begin

Cataleya loves to dance, she’s naturally way better than myself. She can hear a beat so well, just like her daddy. So I started looking for dance classes and took her to a trial class nearby.

We obviously didn’t have dance shoes and so glad the studio had some. The teacher was even sweet enough to help put them on her. Cataleya immediately found her best friend lol. Without hesitation she just walked into the class and waved “bye” to me. Totally wasn’t expecting that, so I just walked over to the looking window where the rest of the other moms were. I honestly thought she would want me participating with her.

She immediately attempted all the twirls, hops, butter fly stretches, etc. It’s the cutest thing ever! I tried to take as many photos and videos to send to Jezriel since I take her during the weekday. Its a combo class where they learn ballet, tap and freestyle. She loves it!

After class Cataleya kept asking about a dress aka a tutu so we went to Target and bought a few leotards, toeless tights, and of course tutus. I bought here ballet and tap shoes on Amazon since I didn’t see any in her size.

It’s been about two months and throughout the day and night, she will just dance. She’ll do the dance moves from what she learned in class and always ask if its “dancing day”. <3 You know I’m really enjoying this 3 year old stage a ton!!!

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  1. It’s so cool that it’s a combo class. That way she gets to try all different styles and find what she loves 🙂 So great!

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