Memorial Day

So I meant to publish this post a few weeks ago, but I really wanted to get a photo of our whole family. That meant finding and dust off my tripod.

I think I’ve used our tripod once and it took me a few tutorials to figure out how to set up my camera. Because I’ve openly confessed I just push a bunch of buttons to get the look I want. I keep telling myself I will take an online photography course, but obviously it’s low on priority.

And since my dad isn’t here to catch a snap of us, we will be attempting to bring along Mr. Tripod. Oh and they will be taken in secluded areas, because I feel silly prepping up a tripod to take our photos.

Dress + Sandals // Jezriel Shirt + Shorts + Shoes // Cataleya Shirt + Shoes + Hat // Enzo Jumpsuit
Dress + Sandals + Hat // Enzo Jumpsuit

Are you all enjoy your extra long weekend?


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