Maternity Essentials

When I was pregnant with Cataleya I think I owned maybe two maternity items. I didn’t want to spend the money on them given you only wear them for a few months and I also didn’t like how they looked.

However, a lot of my non-maternity cloths that I wore during that pregnancy got all stretched out and basically ruined them. With this pregnancy I wanted to feel comfortable, while still styling, and decided to give maternity clothes a try. Here are my basic maternity essentials I wanted to share with you.

Leggings: Around the house I just wanted to be comfortable and maternity leggings, not regular leggings are a must! The waistband goes above your belly so you avoid pressure on the bumb. I’m a fan of Blanqi’s products because of the quality and how they support to your belly.

Robe: I love my robes and being pregnant you need a maternity one that is long enough when your belly grows! I tried using a regular one and … well it didn’t work out… haha. It’s the first thing I put on because I don’t always get the chance to take a shower first thing in the morning because of my hunger. Oh, also my little mini me loves her’s.

Lounge Pants: You’ll catch me in these when I just don’t feel like getting ready. A lot of the waist bands are wide which makes them comfortable under your belly and can totally see myself being able to still rock them after the baby.

Jeans: Big one here… at least get one pair, I’ve got tons of compliments on mine and a lot of people were shocked they were even maternity. I personally like the ones from Pink Blush and Ingrid & Isabel (they are even at Target!) because of their fit, style, and price. I prefer the full panel, but don’t mind the inset panel when I have a shirt that I want to tuck in the front.

Basic Tee’s: Since I know I’ll be nursing baby boy, I specifically tried to look for Tee’s that were nursing friendly. NOM Maternity has a great “during and after” line and Pink Blush has stylish maternity tops that are perfect for nursing also. Oh,.. and you can’t forget ASOS Maternity, super affordable tee’s, you can never go wrong with that.

Dress: You can find these at an affordable price, but the quality & fit make a huge difference! I really like Ingrid & Isabel’s dress, they fit nice and snug. Your bump looks super cute and love the cross pleating verses the side ruching.

What are some of your essentials?

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