Grandma Time

First! Thank you so much on the love of our pregnancy announcement!!! I’m really excited to share this journey and document my growing bump. Also I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, this pregnancy literally has knocked my energy out of the window.

Not sure if its the altitude here in Colorado, but my morning sickness has reduced a ton, so fingers crossed it stays that way when we get back to California. Other than that we’ve been enjoying our time visiting family, since it’s been three years returning home. We got to spend time with my mom between her time off from work and enjoyed the different environment.

My mom still has tons of my niece’s stuff when she was a toddler and Cataleya completely took advantage of all the goodies. Especially the stroller which of course meant we were walking all around my mom’s community.

Then the sprinklers went off and Cataleya is absolutely attracted to the water. Drenched herself in it, it is the cutest thing. It reminded me playing in the sprinklers back in the day during the summer evenings!

I have a ton of blog posts to catch up on, so stay tuned! And hope everyone has a good Monday.

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