Fresh Waffle Cones!!

Wish I took more photos while we were in Denver, but right when I thought my morning sickness was gone, it started to come back to me “hardcore”. Either way, wanted to share the one place I was looking forward too, besides my favorite Mexican restaurant.

My brother recommended to us an ice cream place that made fresh waffle cones at Little ManOur second day in town we had to check it out. Gosh, you could smell the amazing scent as you got closer. Cataleya was interested in the ice cream, this mommy was interested in the waffle cones.

My Outfit: Dress: Ingrid & Isabel / Sandals: Old Navy Cataleya’s Outfit: Tank, Shorts & Sandals: Old Navy

It was pretty hot that day and the ice cream melted quick, dripped all over Cataleya’s outfit. Cataleya doesn’t like wearing dirty or wet outfits so she basically ate the rest of her dessert in her undies. Little princess is always full of surprises. What type of goodies do you give your little ones on a hot summer day?

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