Lounge Attire

Yes it’s finally Friday!!! Wow, since my dad has left to the Philippines, I’ve been counting down the days until his return. He’s such a huge help especially when I’m feeling under the weather.

This last weekend we attended a cousin’s wedding reception down in San Diego. What a change of weather, it was so nice and cool, just perfect. Days like that make Jezriel miss his hometown like crazy. I dressed Cataleya in these adorable wide leg linen pants, super cute, if I could only find ones for myself!

She’s all about comfy cloths, weather it’s dresses, pajamas, and her obsession for mis-matched flip flops. Oh and can’t forget about her love for accessories such as sunglasses and hats. She does not like the sun in face and eyes! I would agree.

Well, hope you all have an amazing weekend, I have yet to plan what were exactly doing. What fun adventures to you have planned?

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