Natural Egg Coloring ?

Even though I was recovering from a random cold, I really wanted to color these eggs. It was my first time naturally coloring them, so I was unsure if it was going to be easy or hard.

I pinned a few to my DIY board that you can check out here. It was super interesting how certain foods created such beautiful colors, the only thing I didn’t have patience for was the waiting game. When I seen 9 hours, I almost turned a way, but it just really depends on how vibrant you want the colors.

If you prefer to go this route I highly recommend doing these the night before or early in the morning and at least get a good 5 hours in. The two colors that came out to my liking were the orange and yellow colors, because they soaked in the jars much longer.

Now I was so excited to get these eggs colored, I completely forgot to boil the eggs. I realized this once Cataleya was playing with the eggs and one cracked and she immediately said “Ewwww”. However, this was just a test run for next weekend, so can’t wait!

Have you ever considered coloring them naturally?

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