A Grandpa Inspired by His Granddaughter

It’s pretty known I’m obsessed with anything wood, it’s just so beautiful! I even often forget my dad’s passion is wood making before he started working in the aerospace industry.

A Grandpa Inspired by His Granddaughter

Matter fact in high school he made a chess board that we played up until the wood started to warp. Recently, my brother dusted it off at my grandma’s place and created a whisky tap that you can check out here.

A Grandpa Inspired by His Granddaughter

My dad has been spending a lot of time with Cataleya so I may focus on my blog and any freelance interior design projects that come my way. He observers her a lot and gets quite a few inspirations, I even think it brings out the kid in himself 😊.

A Grandpa Inspired by His Granddaughter

I even have a long list of items that I would love for him to make if he were to run out of ideas, just check out my Pinterest board 🙈. He’s been really doing a ton of research and customizing to my picky request, such as non-toxic stainers, glues, sealants, etc…

A Grandpa Inspired by His Granddaughter

You can find more of his handmade items on his Etsy Shop here.

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