Snacks On The Go

I’m awful at bringing snacks with me when I’m out and about with Cataleya. I guess I rely heavily on breastfeeding her and her grazing whatever is on my plate.

Snacks On The Go

However, now that my dad has moved in with us, he takes her out to the park a lot, run errands, when I’m not around. Interesting enough she doesn’t prefer the pumped breastmilk as much. So that means I’ve actually had to prepare some snacks for her Grandpa Angelo.

Snacks On The Go

First off I didn’t have anything portable for her, besides my old glass snap container I used when I worked in an office.  Glass doesn’t make me feel comfortable, because it could break and as for plastic  I really try to minimize that.

LunchBots sent us over their QUAD with dots that they suggested. It’s all stainless steel, no small pieces attached, as I’m so nervous for choking hazard items. I’m able to put a variety of finger foods and I like that their condiments container fits perfectly into one of the quadrants.

Snacks On The Go

Another great addition is her PURA Stainless straw cup. It keeps her water cold for quite a long time maybe 6 hours or more, I haven’t timed it. I did have a minor leak from the straw, but their customer service sent me over a replacement top and that solved the problem, no leaks!!!

Lastly, do you see that colorful print in the background, that is a wet bag from Itzy Ritzy. When Cataleya is done she leaves quite a mess and it’s just easier to toss her LunchBots box and dirty cloths in it.

Snacks On The Go

Now I’m curious where you mama’s get your toddler’s snack inspirations from? Right now I love following and pinning Stacy from My Kids Lick The Bowl and Amy from Feeding Fin for ideas and tips.

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