MommyCon OC ’16

This is definitely something I will be coming back to every year! I originally had a game plan on which speakers I was going to listen to, but I was so excited I completely didn’t follow my own agenda. Plus Cataleya threw a couple curve balls.

MommyCon OC '16

I feel like MommyCon was really mindful of the mom “eco system”, they had a quite room, nursing, and play area. It was nice to let Cataleya play freely, myself sit down, and talk with other moms. The event was spacious, not over crowded at all, and that was my main concern.

I even ran into Robyn, the founder of Baby Hawk and The Kilted BW , who’s wife Erin Demos has helped me so much with my baby wearing journey.

MommyCon OC '16
Robyn (left) and Sean (right)

Babyganics had complimentary changing stations with fully stocked diaper essentials throughout the space. Something less to carry in turn was a huge life saver! Stokke even had their highchairs assembled at all of the eating areas, making it that much more convenient to snack or eat lunch; we own one and love it.

I learned about other breast pumps and to be honest I’ve only been aware of Medela and Ameda. I’m really interested in trying out the Evenflo, Calypso ARDO, and Lansinoh.

MommyCon OC '16
Evenflo Breastpump

Another product I found interesting was the Innobaby, more specifically the Aqua Heat line. Since my dad moved here I’m trying to find something portable for him to warm Cataleya’s breastmilk, and I think this may be the solution.

MommyCon OC '16
Innobaby – Aqua Heat Line
MommyCon OC '16
Apple Cheeks Cloth Diapers

Lastly, I stubbled over a hip sack bag! This is a huge essential as a baby wearer and Tekhni has them. I had no idea this existed, I totally need one. However I need to find a pattern that matches with my woven wings. Do you moms know if they are the only brand that sells these hip saks?

MommyCon OC '16
Hip Sack Bag – Tekhni
MommyCon OC '16

Overall, loved, loved this event! I was able to connect with a few moms and excited to follow their mommy journey. Want to see more photos? A local mommy took amazing in depth photos, so take a look on Cara Cherry Photography’s Facebook Page.

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