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Before my breastfeeding journey began I couldn’t wrap my head around how to nurse quickly with my wardrobe. I never paid attention how other mom’s did it, well first I didn’t want to be rude to stare to observe.


I however did asked my nursing friends tons of questions via text, but as we all know I’m a visual person and I still couldn’t grasp it.

My main concern was exposing my stomach especially after having a baby. There are tons of nursing tanks out there, with built in bras. Honestly, I’m not a fan of that, plus I’m picky with mine in general, and nursing bras weren’t going to be any different. I searched for tanks would be able accommodate my Nursing Bra’s from the Boob. Thats when I found Undercover Mama Tanks and instantly purchased a few of the bundles.


All the tanks have two attachments to choose from to work with your bra. When I’m about to nurse Cataleya I usually unsnap it then the shirt I’m wearing over it I just pull it up. I’ve also seen a few moms just pull down their shirt as well, I instantly preferred the other way.

Recently, Undercover Mama sent me their new Cool Mama Tank to try out. Just like there regular tanks they don’t have straps, thats where it gives me the flexibility to attach my nursing tank.


The fabric is a lighter weight, more breathable and still fitting around my waist. Right now this only comes in black, which pairs great with my work out cloths and leggings because I live in those a lot. I really hope they consider a nude color to their collection HINT HINT for all those light color shirts.


Just like there regular tanks I appreciate the length, so you can decide if you want to tuck it in or out; I mix between the two.


Living in the valley, the temperatures rise pretty high, your bound to sweat just walking to your car. I’ve lately been ditching their essential collection of tanks during the day.  I wear Cataleya a lot and the moisture wicking fabric makes a signifiant difference; it feels great not having the fabric stick to my skin. I occasionally try to workout wearing Cataleya and this is for sure my go to.

Do you have a preference of nursing tanks?

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