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We are super excited to have partnered with Sun-Maid to recruit kids to join their new Board of Imagination! It’s part of their new campaign devoted to imagination, because imagination is at the core of who Sun-Maid is; like the many ways they’ve reinvented and reimagined the possibilities of raisins over the years. From its iconic little red box so many remember from their childhood, to bites (our favorite!), sours and even yogurt-covered raisins. All of these reimagined raisin better-for-you snacks are made with whole fruit!

Sun-Maid is picking 5 kids to join their Board of Imagination.  The 5 selected kid board members will receive:

  • a $5,000 scholarship in a 529 plan
  • a $5,000 donation to their school
  • a year’s supply of Sun-Maid snacks for their school

Head to to learn more and apply!

To take imagination one step further – we are committing to having a day devoted to imagination every once in awhile. We love to do things together as a family, and if it were a day devoted all to imagination, it would be a fun day. It would start with one of our favorite things to do as a family. After breakfast, we would take a nice stroll down the park. It’s a nice little walk, and the kids get to be outside around nature. They point out everything as they are so observant, from seeing the birds fly, checking out the unique desert flowers, and looking for any sign of rainbows in the sky along the way. Cataleya loves rainbows from when we visited Hawaii and loves drawing them. She draws what she sees and gets ideas during her drawing session when we get back home.

We moved into a new home community where there is a lot of construction going on building the neighborhood. As a family, we like taking the long way to the park. As the kids love watching with interest seeing the builders build the homes around. Also, there are a lot of interesting plants and trees. As usual, we investigate and see what certain plants look like other things. Cataleya points out the “feather tree” as she likes to call it. The fun part begins getting to the park which is huge by the way. With a cool farmhouse style & feel, the kids love bringing some toys like their magnifier for the adventure. We play on the playground, swing, and slide. Pretend we are doing the ultimate obstacle course.

After coming home and enjoying a nice family lunch, we’d get into a drawing session. Making art of what we saw when we were outside walking. We’d also do some building with their blocks and accessories. Making rainbow homes and mountains with trees on top. Rounding out our day to a nice family dinner. Cataleya is always making sure her toy animal friend, “Everest,” comes along the whole adventure. We like playing doctor, and she loves playing mommy, taking care of our numerous stuffed animals and doll friends. We need to make sure our sick toy friends are nursed back to health. Feeding, cleaning up, and help with naps in for a good night’s rest, we got it all covered.

That’s what imagination is, too, Cataleya, using her creativity in drawing what she sees. Playing the role of a builder recreating magical scenes of nature, and of course, my favorite that melts my heart. Having those motherly instincts to support her toy animals.

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