Lunchbox Love – leftovers edition! Leftovers for lunch with Sun-Maid

As you know, our family has leaned onto homeschooling the kids for a while. We love taking the opportunity to teach our kids consistently. So basically, school and childhood are integrated and always in session. Also, in session are prepping snacks and lunch throughout the days for Cataleya! So here are a few tips of mine.

When we lived back in California, Cataleya was part of a co-op class. The one thing we always enjoyed was prepping her snacks and lunchbox. So, we continued that tradition and brought that back. She loves it! Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we stop the idea of it. Even helps take the guessing game out of it since we prep together the night before.

Tip #1: Prep the week’s menu

Tip #2: With Sun-Maid Bites, you don’t have to prep anything. Just bring the pouch along with you.

We are big snackers, so it’s added to the grocery list automatically. It fills our tummy enough before or even after a meal. We like easy snacks, but healthy for you too. I really appreciate the variety of Sun-Maid Bites and that it comes in a re-sealable pouch in four different flavors – no prep needed. Can you guess her favorite one? 

Tip #3: Involve the kids in making dinner.

As you’ve seen in my Instagram stories, we cook a ton at home thanks to my amazing “in house chef” husband. Cataleya loves to get involved, and that has allowed her to really try new foods because she sees what goes into it.

Tip #4: Utilize leftovers and use them for the kids the next day lunch. 

We always make a little more food, so there will be leftovers. We purposely do that to teach our kids that we don’t waste food, which can be reused. This is when I prep Cataleya’s home lunch for the next day. We have this bento like lunch boxes, and most of the time, she puts together her lunchbox or, worse case, we do it. Then whatever is left goes into an airtight container for my lunch.

Tip #5: Don’t forget the snack! No prep needed, just add Sun-Maids bites pouch into the bag. 

Like I said before, we are all snackers, and I have all four flavors of Sun-Maid Bites fully stocked on heavy rotation. Cataleya is a peanut butter lover and loves that Sun-Maid PB & J Bites! They are convenient whole-fruit snacks, they don’t have any synthetic colors, and artificial flavors either. I had Sun-Maid when I was a kid, and I love I can give them to my kid. They are the same wholesome goodness from Sun-Maid I remember, now in one delicious bite!

Sun-Maid Bites are available in FOUR fun, delicious flavors that kids already love —S’ mores, Birthday Cake, PB&J, and Banana Split. They are a better-for-you snack that tastes like dessert and has less than 5g of added sugar. Winning!

And to add the last bit of sweetness, daddy always adds a flower, her face just lights up! Did you know Sun-Maid offers more than just the familiar red box we had as children?

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  1. Nothing wrong with eating food from the previous day as long as it’s kept fresh.
    Children need to know that wasted food is unheard of in other cultures and besides it’s fun to pack a lunch for the adventures of the next day.

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