Family Trip to O’ahu

You guys we couldn’t wait for this family trip. We literally have been planning this for a little over a year. It wasn’t just us, we planned it with my brother his girlfriend, my nephew as well as my dad and step-mom. Picking the perfect time to work with everyone schedule was a little hectic, especially too because my dad was flying in from the Philippines.

Overall we made it happen, had all out flight arrive nearly right after each other. Our rental cars surprisingly fit everything, we of course had the most luggage lol!

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Leading up to the day my mind was trying to figure out how Jezriel and I was gonna hual everything from our car to the check in and then the gate. It was a lot we had two car seats that we wheeled onto the plane, two check in bags, stroller, x1 carry luggage, x2 backpacks and my camera bag.

Now if you know me I had a full itinerary lined up for us and that helped maximize our time in Hawaii, I highly recommend do this. We rented an airbnb to have all of us near each, but I’m not sold on it and feel I prefer a hotel and rather of just getting a suite. I may give it a shot one more time though.

We had a ton of beach days and the kids loved seeing a rainbow nearly everyday. It’s technically rainy season, but it’s so warm and intermittent it didn’t bother us.

As for beach our favorite Waimanalo beach, if your looking for soft silky sand, go here! Not overly crowded at all either.

I’m a big coffee person and I always love to try different spots, but my two favorite places by far was the Green World Coffee Farm and Surfers Coffee. The coffee farm has a big outdoor space where the kids just ran around and got to check out the coffee farm. The surfers coffee has these amazing mocha waffles the kids just went to town with them.

We noticed we loved the south east side of the island much more. It’s not as touristy, our favorite beach was on that side its near our go to grocery store. Next time I’ll be looking for a hotel or maybe airbnb near Kailua.

If you want to most beautiful photos go on the east side for sure, but check out the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden. It’s totally free, go have a picnic spend the day there let the kids run and relax.

We did a couple of tours, but honestly because the kids lost interest. We could do with out and save money, all they wanted to do was run around enjoy the beach, chase the chickens and ducks and eat lol.

Have you ever been to O’ahu? Can’t wait to come back when our family grows, but until then we are planning our next mini trip to Arizona.

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