Laundry Room Reveal

I wanted to give you a little peak into our laundry room, even thought it’s a tiny space. However, I feel like it’s a space I tend to neglect.

Most of the homes I’ve lived in always had upper cabinetry in the laundry area and I love that. Our home was already built so we didn’t get to chose to select this upgrade. My dad and I went back and forth of him installing them, but he had no experience and were were running out of time for his departure.

I wish I took a before photo, it basically only had the middle shelve. My dad build the other two. The room had so much vertical space that wasn’t being utilized. The was the same problem in our other two bedroom closets. Once he build the laundry room shelves he didn’t the exact same thing in the closets and boy it made a huge difference.

The highest shelf I place items I barely touch, such as extra linens and pillows. The middle shelf is dedicated to extra bulked soap, linen sprays, our iron and steamer. Lastly, the bottom shelf is my constant grab items such as my detergents, essential oils and wool balls. I’m attempting to keeping everything grouped and placed in metal storage baskets.

We also installed a wall mount drying rack. In the past I had a floor drying rack, but it was annoying to blocking pathways. I really wanted to take things off the floor, so we also hung our ironing board right behind the door. BTW it took me a few times to find the right hook that would actually hold our Y-Frame.

Last thing we mounted was our Fluff and Fold sign that you see right when you walk into our laundry area.

I’m still hesitant if I want a little rug in the space, what do you think?

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