Easter Egg Hunt

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend with family and friends. We headed down to OC to meet up with Cataleya’s BBF Addie for an Easter egg hunt. This was actually Cataleya’s first, I don’t quite remember why we didn’t take her then.

First it was a bit challenging taking this photos while wearing Enzo, I sweating my butt off! I also never have taken photos around crowds, but they came out not to bad.

Back to the girls, man they just filled their baskets up! They knew exactly what to do and once they seen the candy, well that was game over. Major sugar high, but that drive home was peace and quite lol. When we grabbed lunch over at the Spectrum, omg it was so cute how the first were skipping around the mall and hold hands. Sweetest thing ever!

I can not wait for next year and have Enzo maybe join in on the fun!

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