Spring Goodies for Kids

We are so grateful we got these goodies in the mail! As with package or delivery that comes our way, Cataleya just can’t wait for me to open it. Funny thing every time we get a box in the mail she yells out ‘Happy Birthday’ ?! Lets check out these goodies we recently got in.

Snazaroo™ Brush Pens // Jane M. Rose-Vallee Books – Dinosaurs Living in My Hair &Dinosaurs Living in My Hair 2 // PEZ Jurassic World Collection // Sprout Crispy Chews // Zenni Optical Kids Glasses

Cataleya loves to scribble on anything she can get her hands on. Lately it’s been the pen or marker all over her body and that takes a bit of effort to get off. When I broke open these Snazaroo™ Brush Pens, Cataleya watched me twist the top where she seen the paint get pushed out onto the brush, it clicked for her at that moment. She grabbed it and drew on Jezriel and you know what she asked for? Of course Minnie Mouse, but the catch was on Jezriel and myself ?. Jezriel’s just looked cuter,.. oh what daddies do for their little girls.  Mamas these are so much easier to wash off, and all it took was just warm water and soap.

Snazaroo™ Brush Pens – Theme Packs (Adventure, Fantasy, Halloween, Jungle and Monochrome)

The first thing she pulled out were these two children poetry books ?, Dinosaurs Living in My Hair 1 & 2 the biggest item of course.  Just like her mama she quickly flipped through the pages pointing out all the illustrations ?. When I first looked at the book, I thought to myself Cataleya can totally relate. Not only because of her imagination, but her crazy tangled curly hair, you know, that bed head hair you see in my Instagram stories?.

Dinosaurs Living in My Hair, for Free Shipping! Use code: FREESHIP

Wow… who else remembers PEZ growing up ??‍♀️? Cataleya didn’t realize they were candy dispensers right away, she was more into the dispenser tops: T-Rex, Blue the Raptor, and Dilophosaurus, (whoah thats a tongue twister). Then here little fingers went to the good stuff? and T-Rex hasn’t left her side. These three dispenser are new and part of PEZ’s Jurassic World Collection that is launching on June 1, 2018. So you can pick them up either at select retailers nationwide or online.

PEZ’s Jurassic World Collection: T-Rex, Blue the Raptor, and Dilophosaurus
PEZ’s Jurassic World Collection – T-Rex

Looks like I’ll be stocking up on these Sprout Crispy & Chew snacks in our pantry! She had no complaints and kept asking for more; I didn’t feel guilty handing another pouch over either. They met my approval for being USDA Certified Organic, Non GMO, and appreciate that the ingredients are REAL fruits and veggies???… with no added sugar.  I’m the worst snack preparer for Cataleya and anything that is an easy toddler snack for me is a win ??.  They introduced a NEW flavor, Orchard Fruit & Carrot, and I think that was her fave too.

Sprout Crispy Chews, for 25% OFF on Amazon! Use code: 25CIRSPYCHEW

Okay so everyone in our household wears some sort of glasses, whether it be prescription or sunglasses. Naturally Cataleya loves to wear ours, but gasp when she reaches for ours ?! They aren’t cheap and we actually need them. Now Cataleya can have her very own stylish kid glasses from Zenni Optical and dang they are crazy affordable. I’m obsessed how cute they look on her ?, Jezriel says this is what a “threenager” looks like.  I love that they even offer non-prescription and prescription glasses not only for kids but the whole family. You know what the biggest thing for me was on these, no metal or hinges are in sight. Check out their video here to learn more.

Zenni Optical Kids Flexible Frames

What cool spring activities do you do with your kids?

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